More Popular Than Jesus (2009)

September 16, 2009

snax card 2

This fine lithographic print represents some of the highest quality artistry of the method, ensuring that the representation is equal to the subject matter, which serves to symbolize the transcendence of popularity from earlier pop-culture deities, namely: The Beatles to latter, more polarizing cultural figureheads. The contents of this piece, themselves represent a more culturally relevant communion vehicle that speaks to limited appeal of “the body” and attention deficit of man.


Hotel Bed (2009)

September 15, 2009

hotel bed cardhotel bed

Conceived as a statement on relationships and their uncertainty, this installation piece, focuses as much on the live portion of the performance as it does an environment, which is in constant flux based on those who inhabit it. The occasional addition of a black light component adds a level of drama and reality that places the performance in entirely different perspective.

Urinal (2009)

September 15, 2009

urinalurinal card

Struck in fine porcelain, this sculptural installation brings fine art and life together as one seamless, if fleeting, relationship. Its ubiquity is one of the finest examples of truly democratic art, in that it transcends class and creed, allowing for individual relationships to form and be comprehended relative to circumstance.

Feral Tire (2009)

September 14, 2009

feral tire cardferal tire

In response to the homogeneous nature of modern culture, this avant-garde symbolization is struck of a compound of Hevea and high-carbon metal, and celebrates the great contrasts found in the modern urban landscape.  This duality of wild and domestic speaks to civilization’s increasing desire for more individual independence and a return to its core primitive nature.

Kiddie Pool (2009)

September 11, 2009

pool cardpool

This highly conceptual depiction based on an immediately recognizable object transcends local microcosm ultimately symbolizing a larger contracting world’s fleeting innocence through effects of globalization and technological advancement. A dynamic work, this calendar based realization traces the expanding and contracting fluctuations of isolationism versus Wilsonian globalism through a cycle of reinflation and filling.

Transit Kiosk (2009)

September 11, 2009

transit cardtransit

Originally imagined as the ultimate Miesian tribute, in the most democratic form, this scaled structure embodies both the intent and vernacular of the great creator, while retreating into a sort of anti-crescendo, accepting a commonality which embraces a cultural subsurface unimagined as any acceptable view of a more symmetrical future. This work functions not only as illusion of respite from societies woes, but also invitation to conform to continued miseries. Ultimately during its creation a larger aesthetic took form allowing for much greater symbolism beyond mere admiration.

Relativity Device (2009)

September 11, 2009

relativity cardrelativity

Conceived as a primitive representation of the relationship between time and space, this expansive linear mosaic takes theoretical physics beyond equation, paying homage to one of histories most transformative imaginings, through a completely original interactive art installation. This individual piece of the greater work shows the intricacies of the construction and operational elements, which have the ability to entice even the most reluctant viewer.

Dumpster (2009)

September 11, 2009

dumpster carddumpster

Constructed using high quality ferrum composite, painted and then applied with a fine patina of weathered grime, this unique sculpture serves as a politically charged visual metaphor for the welcoming arms of Lady Liberty and the land that she represents. This deconstruction of a national symbol is as unique as its inspiration, inviting people of all nations to contribute to its continued growth and continual re imagination.

Deflated Vessel (2009)

September 11, 2009

deflated carddeflated

The complexity and intricacy of this print decollate bespeaks the allegory it enlivens: deflated abandonment found at the end of profound relationship and the vampiric nature of true love. The ultimate genius of this work is the unseen gestalt, which emerges with the viewer’s epiphany that affection, while fleeting, is ultimately replaced repeatedly with similar experiences. The aluminum base of this piece, by design, allows for constant reconsideration.

Feral Pants (2009)

September 11, 2009

feral pants cardferal pants

A triumph of organic re imagination, this unique public installation symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and society, imagining humankind as beast, leaving remnants of rebirth, as skin is shed, and its constrictive nature reemerges again and again. The artist in creating this work envisioned a world with wild schizophrenic need to undulate from one actuality to the next.